Solvent Extraction Section

Desolventising Toasting

Desolventising Toasting

Vapor tight construction in carbon steel, for de-solventising as well as toasting, specially designed for oilcake and comprising of a number of stages with bottoms jacketed for the purpose of indirect heating. Centrally rotating shafts provided with scrappers along with sparge steam distribution to ensure uniform heating and movements of the materials in the stages. Fitted with indicators to indicate the level of material in the stages. Final discharge door is later connected with the feeding, complete with driving mechanism. With Pneumatic Meal Level Controlling arrangement.


Solvent Extractor

Solvent Extractor

Crown Extractor Model III 703 M manufactured under Crown supervision at our workshop in Mumbai.


Highlights are as below.

1. Crown hydro clones for Effective separation of fines from miscella.

2. Shallow bed extractor having screen which is specially designed wedge bars for trouble free operation

3. Extractor chain, screen, wedge bars and drive are imported from Crown Iron Works, USA

4. Crown Schumacher DTDC for lowest hexane loss of 0.7 Kg/MT

5. Additional heat exchangers in the crown system for recovery of heat from oil and hot waste water resulting in lower consumption of utilities

6. All gear boxes of SEW Euro drive of European Orign.

7. Closed loop condensate recovery system for recovery of flash steam and reduce loss of condensate

8. Gas detection system for health and safety

9. PLC with SCADA system having high end components like Siemens Siematic S7 processor. Software is web based and plant can be regulated / controlled from remote places. Software generates real time online reports for accountability towards utility consumption and production

Seed Preparatory Expander

Seed Preparatory Expander

Expander is mainly used to prepared collets from soya flakes. Collets increase the porosity which in turn increase percolation of hexane this yields faster extraction of oil from collets.



To correctly cook and condition the material prior to Flaker. Vertical, multi-stage unit with fabricated shell and trays where heating is carried out by indirect steam. The gates operated by mechanical level system automatically control the flow of material and the level in each stage. A central shaft driven by a gearbox carried agitator blades to ensure a good mix, a homogenous treatment of the material and prevents burning on the stage bottoms. A vertical duct extracts exhaust vapors from each stage. Provision is made to adjust final moisture levels of the material by injecting water or direct steam.


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